A Background of Tree Dimensions

About Tree Dimensions

Here at Tree Dimensions we are on a mission to set the new standards for the tree care industry in Spartanburg and Upstate South Carolina. Tree work has come a long way from the old school “rough neck” methods and we strive to be on the cutting edge of all the modern techniques and equipment. Our goal is to give you a better experience than any other tree care company can offer. From the first initial contact to the final invoicing. We will walk by your side every step of the way. We recognize that to us it is just the next job site, but for you, the customer, it is a huge undertaking to your property and it should be treated as such. Our customers make us who we are and we appreciate every single one of you. Call or email us today and see what Tree Dimensions can do for your yard. 


5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing Any Tree Care Professional.

1.) Proof of Insurance 

          *TREE service insurance, not landscaping insurance. 

          *Workers Compensation 

          *Not “oh, well he said he was insured” but request actual verification.


2.) Plan of Action 

          *Someone who is knowledgeable and descriptive.

          *Can tell you what they’re going to do first and how they’re going to do it. 


3.) Payment Details

         *NO partial payments

         *Never pay upfront, only once agreed upon work is completed.


4.) Proposal 

          *Handwritten on site or emailed proposal.

          *No “handshake” deals

          *It is better to have something in black and white so that both parties are clear on the work to be completed and on the price.


5.) Safety 

          *Safety is KEY!

          *Be sure to choose a company that enforces proper safety precautions for the crew and respect for your property. 

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Payment Methods and Insurance

We accept Visa & Mastercard. To verify insurance, call: Kendall & Associates at (864) 271-9125. Two Million bodily injury & personal property damage liability.